Commercial Solar Energy – Big Benefits & Incentives for Businesses

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When you own a business, you want to invest in what’s best for it as well as decrease operating costs. What would you say to an opportunity that combines those two goals? As solar panel installation specialists, Renewable Energy Design Group (RED Group) understands and appreciates the value of business resources. This also includes an often-overlooked important resource… time. RED Group values business owners’ time, providing turnkey services and proactive communication to ensure every project runs in the smoothest, most timely manner possible.

All of us are currently facing inflation and lowering fixed costs of electricity is a winning strategy. There is no better time than now to invest in solar energy. It is an investment in your business and our planet’s future. Give us a call today at 877-432-0857 for a free, customized quote for your commercial energy needs. 

Benefits & Incentives of Commercial Solar Panels

We are among the leading NC experts in solar panel installation in the Carolinas for both residential and commercial projects. Commercial solar energy awareness and popularity are increasing due to its many benefits and incentives. 

What are the benefits?

Renewable energy has the potential to significantly lower your businesses’ power expenses and protect your company against escalating energy costs. Many businesses, farms, non-profits, congregations, faith groups, and schools are moving to solar energy for its many benefits, including:

  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Locked in energy costs for years to come
  • Implementation of sustainable business practices
  • Leveraging of “green” marketing

Solar installations also serve as a visible commitment to sustainable community development and a unique avenue to communicate your organization’s values and beliefs.

Are there still current incentives in place for businesses? 

Yes! Any size business will benefit from an installed solar system’s operating cost savings and asset value. Business owners love that systems pay for themselves in a matter of years – and keep producing cost savings for decades. Additional incentives include:

What is real-time performance monitoring? 

Every RED Group solar panel system allows businesses to track and see first-hand how their system is operating. SolarEdge monitoring allows solar energy users to see real-time performance metrics and site energy measurements. Access to this information is crucial for data analysis.

Monitoring solar energy output also provides assurance that your investment in solar energy is paying off. Your organization has a convenient way to track current power and cumulative energy output for the month, year, and lifetime of your solar panel system.

Want to see these real-time system performance measurements first-hand before investing? Check out these real-time system performance reports from Birdsong Brewing Co. in Charlotte, NC and Wallace Realty in Salisbury, NC.

Examples of Our Commercial Solar Work

We are proud of the many commercial solar projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on over the years. Two noteworthy projects are Birdsong Brewing Co. in Charlotte and Thomasville Pediatrics in Thomasville. 

Birdsong Brewing Co. is the first brewery in Charlotte to invest in solar energy. We installed a 75-kilowatt system that includes 220 solar panels on the roof. The brewery owners, Chris & Tara Goulet, share “the panels generate about 50 percent of the brewery’s power needs, saving them roughly $15,000 a year.” As mentioned above, you can see for yourself their real-time system performance reports to see their solar energy metrics here

In addition to lowering electric rates, Thomasville Pediatrics values their solar energy system for its ability to ensure refrigerated vaccines and medicines stay cool even during power outages. Dr. Donald Winters of Thomasville Pediatrics, shares, “solar energy will replace 90 percent of the power required for the building. Plus, [we]  are reducing [our] footprint in the world and [helping to] preserve it.

Choose a Solar Energy Company That Cares About Your Property as if it Was Their Own!

Don’t wait any longer to invest in clean, smart energy for your business! RED Group is well-versed in assisting organizations in making an educated decision to switch to solar. Our experienced team will visit your location, listen to your ideas, goals, and objectives, and provide you with the best energy solution specifically designed for your organization. We are there from start to finish so you can focus on your business. Call at 877-432-0857 to start your solar energy investment!

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