Commercial Solar

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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Renewable Energy Design Group assists organizations in making a educated decisions to go solar. Our team will visit your location, listen to your ideas, goals, and objectives, and provide you with the best energy solution for your organization. We handle your transition to solar energy from start to finish so you can focus on your business

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Real-Time Performance Monitoring

With SolarEdge monitoring, solar energy users are able to see real-time performance metrics and site energy measurements. Access to this information is crucial for data analysis and solar energy management.

Monitoring solar energy output also provides assurance that your investment in solar energy is paying off. Your organization has a convenient way to track current power and cumulative energy output for the month, year, and lifetime of your solar panel site.

See the real-time system performance of Birdsong Brewing Co. in Charlotte, NC.

Renewable Energy Design Group Commercial Installation

This 7,320 panel system was installed in Salisbury, North Carolina.

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Solar For Business

Any size business can benefit from an installed solar system’s operating cost savings and asset value. It pays for itself in a matter of years.  Additional incentives include:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • MACRS Accelerated Depreciation
  • Maintenance-free energy creation
  • Monitoring reports detail production in real time

Check out this Solar Edge Monitoring on Wallace Realty in Salisbury North Carolina.

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Solar Energy for Nonprofit Organizations

Financing a solar installation for a not-for-profit organization is a wise investment. Nonprofits may assign federal charitable tax deductions on donations to reduce donors’ federal tax liabilities.

Projects also provide individuals who are otherwise unable to support solar an avenue to invest in the technology and support their chosen organization and community.

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Commercial Benefits of Solar Panels

Renewable energy can significantly lower your businesses’s power expenses and protect your company against escalating energy costs. Many businesses, farms, non-profits, congregations, faith groups, and schools are moving to solar energy. Solar panels for your commercial buildings allow you to:

  • reduce operating expenses
  • lock in your energy costs for years to come
  • implement sustainable business practices
  • leverage “green” marketing

Solar installations also serve as a visible commitment to sustainable community development and a unique avenue to communicate your organization’s values and beliefs.

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Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Mary Alice Warren Community Center Goes Solar

The Town of Lewisville’s Mary Alice Warren Community Center is now running on clean energy from the sun. The 108 solar panels installed on the roof will offset approximately 96% of the building’s energy usage. The 50kW system, installed by local business, Renewable Energy Design Group, includes monitoring that demonstrates the real-time energy production and its environmental benefits. Over the lifetime of the system, the renewable, solar energy will offset 1.4 million pounds of coal and save over $225,000 in electricity bills! Considering the incentives that the Town is receiving, this system will have a payback period under 8 years and a 17% return on investment. The Town of Lewisville and its residents will reap the financial and environmental benefits of this photovoltaic (solar electric) system for the next three decades. 
Commercial Solar
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Solar Panels: Good for Business & Earth

Your organization will benefit from its own clean energy generation, reducing electricity costs. Clean, renewable energy will be a source of electricity and reduced costs for years to come.

Solar produces no pollution. Reduced consumption of conventionally generated electricity improves environmental and public health. Investments in renewable energy create local jobs, generate local revenue, and help grow the clean energy economy.

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Our Work Speaks For Itself


As small business owners, we understand how critical making a smart investment is. We will demonstrate to you a financial-based preliminary proposal that will allow you to make an educated decision with a minimal time commitment. We value our time, and yours, so we attempt to educate you on the benefits, technologies, choices, and the value proposition of each in an efficient manner. Contact us today for a tec- savvy, nononsense approach to integrating green energy into your business operations.

– Jeff Redwine, Co-Founder

We Offer Free, No-Obligation Consultations

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