Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Mary Alice Warren Community Center Goes Solar

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The Town of Lewisville’s Mary Alice Warren Community Center is now running on clean energy from the sun. The 108 solar panels installed on the roof will offset approximately 96% of the building’s energy usage. The 50kW system, installed by local business, Renewable Energy Design Group, includes monitoring that demonstrates the real-time energy production and its environmental benefits. Over the lifetime of the system, the renewable, solar energy will offset 1.4 million pounds of coal and save over $225,000 in electricity bills! Considering the incentives that the Town is receiving, this system will have a payback period under 8 years and a 17% return on investment. The Town of Lewisville and its residents will reap the financial and environmental benefits of this photovoltaic (solar electric) system for the next three decades.

Benefits of Investing in a Commercial Solar System

The Mary Alice Warren Community Center will be taking advantage of the many benefits that come with investing in a commercial solar system. This includes:

  • Lower electricity costs/reduced operating expenses
  • Reduced environmental impact/carbon footprint reduction
  • Improved public perception
  • Locked in energy costs
  • Support of local businesses
  • Tax credits and other financial incentives

The Mary Alice Warren Community Center is setting an example for renewable energy that we hope others in Lewisville and the Triad will follow. Learn more about the commercial benefits of going solar in our blog post, “Solar Panels: The Smart Investment for Your Business

The Financial Incentives of Going Solar

The cost of installing solar panels at first may seem overwhelming. However, businesses that opt for solar energy can quickly recover their investment as they consume less power from the grid leading to lower electric bills. In addition, federal tax credits for businesses that switch to solar energy mean your system will pay for itself in just a matter of years.

Considering Going Solar?

If your business is considering switching to solar energy, Renewable Energy Design Group can help. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, leaving no stone unturned. Our turn-key approach includes everything from design and engineering services, to permit acquisition, project management, and system installation. We are excited about the Mary Alice Warren Community Center’s solar transformation and look forward to continuing to bring clean energy solutions throughout North and South Carolina! Contact us today for a free consultation on a commercial solar system.