Do I need a battery back-up system for my solar energy system?

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You don’t necessarily need batteries for your solar energy system.

Depending on your goals for this project, we will help you evaluate the efficacy of a battery backup system. Do you want to have power when the utility grid goes out? Is your goal lowering your monthly bills? A backup battery bank can add as much as 25% in cost to a residential solar PV system. Also, it may yield about 7–10% less energy if it’s battery-tied than its grid-tied counterpart.

Solar energy battery backup systems can be connected to the utility grid so you always have access to a power source. Though you will remain tethered to your local utilities’ grid, you will not have to worry about not generating enough power. You also gain the advantage of offsetting rising utility costs.

Grid-tied photovoltaic systems generate energy, which is either consumed instantly or the excess is credited to you by your utility, reducing your utility bills. Battery backup grid tied systems generate energy, offsetting electric bills and selling excess to utility, as well as maintain batteries in case of outages. If the grid goes down, these systems are designed to support a designated “critical load” of appliances the system’s owner must keep running.

RED Group can help you get the most reliable solar energy for your home

Our team works with your budget and goals to help you harness the cleanest and most reliable energy available for your home. Available tax incentives can often offset a portion of your costs. Navigating energy tax credits, potential rebates, and incentives can be overwhelming, but our renewable energy specialists consult with every client to maximize your return on investment.

Christian Lofton, Co-owner of Renewable Energy Design Group, walks you through a couple of our battery backup installations below:
Battery back up solar installation
Battery back up solar and thermal installation