How do I know if I have enough sunlight for PV?

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First, it’s good to know how photovoltaic (PV) soler energy systems work.

A photovoltaic (PV) system needs unobstructed access to the sun’s rays for most or all of the day. Shading on the system can significantly reduce energy output. Climate is not really a concern, because PV systems are relatively unaffected by severe weather. In fact, some PV modules actually work better in colder weather. Most PV modules are angled to catch the sun’s rays, so any snow that collects on them usually melts quickly. There is enough sunlight to make solar energy systems useful and effective nearly everywhere in North Carolina for commercial buildings and residential houses.

That all being said, solar energy can work just about anywhere.

Most of the United States, has a better solar resource – i.e., receives more solar radiation – than Germany, which is the world’s largest solar market. Smart policies and proper system design are the two most important factors for determining whether a solar installation will make economic sense.