Is Solar A Scam?

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If you are on any type of media outlet – from social media to television – you’ve likely seen ads for solar energy. Maybe a company has even directly contacted you. This often leads people to wonder if solar energy is a scam. In today’s digital-driven world, asking if something or a company is a scam is not only valid, but smart. At Renewable Energy Design Group, we hate that some solar energy companies are ripping people off and giving the industry a bad name. That is why we educate our clients on all aspects of solar energy throughout the process, so they know exactly what they are investing in and how it works. After all, knowledge is one of the biggest ways to counteract scams! 

We cover some red flags and things to look for when researching solar energy options and companies in our latest blog. If you would like further information on solar energy options or to ask any questions about solar energy for your home or business, don’t hesitate to call us at 877-432-0857. 

Red Flags

First off, the old expression ‘If it’s too good to be true…’, absolutely applies to solar energy scams. Here are a few red flags to look for when researching a solar energy company. 

  • Advertised as free
  • States it’s the best option for everyone
  • Provides questionable payback period length
  • Quote without seeing your property 
  • Extremely pushy

These are merely a few of the cautionary things you should be on the lookout for when investigating solar energy options. 

To combat the above items, here are some facts.

  1. Nothing is free, including having solar panels installed.
  2. While we love solar, it is not for everyone or every house or building. 
  3. The average payback period is around 10 years.
  4. It is vital to see a property in person before finalizing a quote for solar panel installation as various factors need to be considered and measured, such as orientation, pitch, and shading.
  5. Just like any other big investment, home and business owners need to fully consider all their solar energy options. A trustworthy solar energy company understands that and would not push you into a decision. They would allow you time to consider the option and information. 

What You Should Hear from a Reputable Solar Energy Company

Now that you know the red flags to be on the lookout for, we want to cover the various things you should expect to hear from a reputable solar energy company, like Renewable Energy Design Group. We highly value honesty and quality in every single job and with every single client. We educate our clients on all aspects and steps of each job. There is no guessing what to expect or how their solar panels will work for our clients!

Below are some things you should expect to hear and see from a trustworthy solar energy company.

  • Walks you through a detailed proposal
  • Uses reasonable (not too high) rate of inflation in a detailed proposal
  • Answers all your questions
  • Requests to see your property for a quote
  • Has good testimonials 

Choose Solar Energy & A Dependable Company Today!

If you are looking for an alternative energy source or to lower your power bills, then solar energy might be the right choice for you! Find out all your solar options by giving us a call at 877-432-0857 to request a free, no-obligation consultation. As a locally and family-owned company, our goal is always to provide customers with the solar energy option that best fits their unique energy needs. 

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