Meet Our Team

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Renewable Energy Design Group has been dedicated to solar energy and exceeding our clients’ expectations since 2012. As the leading solar installer in North Carolina and South Carolina, clients trust us with turnkey design and install services for their residential and commercial solar investments.

We pride ourselves in these in our service and experience, and we are most proud of our team! We strive to communicate effectively with clients and seamlessly handle all paperwork, permits, inspections, and coordination with local utility companies. Custom-designed systems are installed safely, securely, and on time by our professional, experienced team using the best available solar panels and equipment.

Our team has worked hard for years to ensure our clients get the best possible experience. That said, we are excited to share more about them with you!

Two of our founders, Cynthia and Jeff Redwine, are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and worked with a dedicated group of community members to bring clean, reliable, and affordable energy to the school, communal house, cooperative office, and every hut in Parara Puru, Panama. In addition to his Peace Corps service, Jeff’s work includes installations for the Veterans Administration, a 135kW NC Public School solar installation, and Forsyth County, NC. Jeff’s most proud of the RED Group culture that has fostered trust and sustainability for over a decade in NC. Jeff holds General Contractor licenses in North Carolina and South Carolina and has been NABCEP-CK certified since 2008.

Cynthia holds a BBA from Baylor University and a Masters of Business Administration from Wake Forest University. Her professional experience includes executive liability underwriting, environmental public health leadership, and financial and operational management in the learning design field. Cynthia takes care of all of the details “behind the scenes” that make for a seamless customer experience for RED Group clients. She’s most proud of her two munchkins, Lilian and Ellis, and her volunteer leadership of a local free medical and dental clinic.

Cynthia and Jeff met Christian Lofton, Renewable Energy Design Groups’ co-owner, while working at a solar energy startup in Houston, Texas. Christian and his wife, Aubrey, are also Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. In addition to his Peace Corps service in Jamaica, Christians’ work includes the largest solar thermal installation in Michigan consisting of 200 AET 4’x10′ solar thermal collectors, installations with the US Navy, City of Houston Permitting Building, Fort Worth, TX Zoo, and the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame. Christian is most proud of his work with Habitat for Humanity. With integrity and the highest professional standards, he has applied himself and earned the NABCEP PV INSTALLERS Certification, AET Solar Thermal Certification, North Carolina Electrical Contractors License, OSHA 30-hour construction safety instruction, and OSHA Train-the-trainer instruction. We’d say that’s most definitely something to be proud of!

Two years after RED Group was formed, the team met Melvin Jewett, who was volunteering with a Solarize campaign in Charlotte. Melvin’s passion for solar began in 2006 as he helped educate, advocate, and bring clean and domestically produced fuel options to the Charlotte Metro area. Melvin came on board to manage sales for RED Group, and the rest is history.

Carlos Cardona came to the RED Group team with decades of construction experience. He’s the fearless leader of our “boots on roofs:” our experienced team of solar installation pros. Carlos is a bilingual professional originally from El Salvador, the loving husband of Luisa, and proud father of four.

Jeff’s mission is to bring awareness to the benefits of solar as well as make it as affordable as possible to residents of North Carolina and South Carolina. Cynthia is a North Carolina native who is passionate about bringing solar to her home state of NC and serving her community. Christian’s main goal is to exceed client expectations and ensure ROI is delivered on solar energy projects. Melvin is the backbone of our team and helps the RED Group educate homeowners and business owners on the benefits of solar energy. Carlos strives to ensure every solar installation is executed with the highest levels of safety and quality in our industry.

Now that you know a little about how we started, here’s the good stuff! We asked our Leadership Team a few questions and this is what they said:

Favorite food?
Jeff said “Mexican and sushi, but not Mexican Sushi”
Cynthia: “sauce”
Melvin’s answer: “chana masala”
And Christian said, “watermelon”
Carlos loves yucca with chicharrones

Next, we asked the team Beach or Mountains? The consensus was mountains, but here are the details:
Jeff: “Mountains but I love the sandy, salty surf”
Cynthia: “Yes, please”
Melvin: Mountains
Christian: Mountains
Carlos says, “Both! Griffin Park Mountain and Huntington Beach are my favorites.”

Lastly, we asked about their favorite traditions and here’s what they said.
Jeff: “Birthday Week” celebrations with my wife and daughters
Cynthia: “the gift of giving at Christmas – and all of the family, excitement, grace, magic, and merriment surrounding it’
Melvin: pumpkin carving
Christian: Christmas morning
Carlos shares, “traveling with my family and practicing karate”

We have a pretty amazing team with years of experience and we’ve also had the opportunity to meet very incredible people along the way. We’re thankful for all of the things we’ve learned and continue to learn. Our team agrees that we’re most thankful for the opportunity to serve the beautiful states of North Carolina South Carolina and their residents. If you would like to read more about our team, head over to our about page!