RED Group Owners Share All About Working in the Solar Energy Business for a Decade

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We are excited to announce Renewable Energy Design Group (RED Group) is celebrating our 10-year anniversary this month! In honor of this major business milestone, we wanted to share a fun Q&A style blog discussing our company (past, present, and future) and solar energy.

Founders Jeff & Cynthia Redwine and co-owner Christian Lofton discuss everything from their favorite part about working in the solar energy industry to the inspiration behind the company’s founding.

Why do most clients that contact you go solar?

Cynthia: “I think people contact us for their solar energy installation because we’re a local, family-owned business that’s been around for a decade (woo hoo!). We have experience, licenses, certification, and ten years of customers’ positive experiences that help folks trust us.”

Jeff: “Solar makes financial sense in North Carolina. With RED Group’s experience, we’re a trusted source and we provide a high level of customer service that makes clients feel comfortable and confident with their investment.”

Christian: “They have thought about it for a long time and finally feel comfortable contacting someone to help them go solar.”

What is your favorite part about working in the solar energy industry?

Cynthia: “I’m grateful to work in an industry that’s making a difference now and in the future for the sustainability of our plant.”

Jeff: “I really enjoy integrating sustainable technology into the everyday lives of home and business owners and improving our environment with clean technology.”

Christian: “Our customers are the best!”

How important is it for people to invest in local?

Cynthia: “When I’m choosing a contractor, it is important to me that they understand and care about my particular situation. I like to personally speak with the experts I’m relying on to make a good decision. Not only does investing in a local business give me the most peace of mind about my projects, but I love that it benefits our community and local economy.”

Jeff: “I believe investing in local business keeps funds growing in our community, while local jobs mean more local families are earning living wages doing something that benefits our planet.”

Christian: “I think it is always better to invest locally. You get better service and it helps keep the community thriving.”

What was the inspiration for starting RED Group?

Cynthia: “We got our first thrill of seeing how solar energy can change lives and communities working with our counterparts to bring clean, renewable energy to huts in Parara Puru, Panama. We moved to NC, found it to be a great place to raise a family, and a fabulous place for solar energy.”

Jeff: “We wanted to provide a quality service in an industry we believe in to support our families and others that joined the team we’ve built.”

Christian: “Quality and service are at the heart of everything we do. We wanted to be in control of our time and intentions.”

How does it feel to celebrate your company’s 10-year anniversary?

Cynthia: “It is surreal! Ten years has flown by. I’m so grateful to be part of the dedicated and extraordinary team that’s built this enduring organization.”

Jeff: “Time flies when you’re having fun! I feel a great level of pride in what we’ve accomplished and a true level of excitement in what’s to come.”

Christian “Wow, ten years already! It goes by fast when you work with such a great team.”

Do you have any plans for the next 10 years?

Cynthia: “Riding the solar coaster!” 

Jeff: “Sure, we do! We will continue to focus on providing the highest level of client service and remain at the forefront of clean, renewable technologies.”

Christian: “Stay relevant and up-to-date on the latest technologies to make sure we are providing the best quality and service for each of our clients.”

What’s the biggest challenge of working in the solar energy industry? 

Cynthia: “I’d say the biggest challenge has become ensuring our voices stand out among some big, national companies entering this market via predatory business practices. Solar can be a great economic and environmental investment when you work with trustworthy people that will stick around as long as your system.”

Jeff: “Educating customers on how systems work while competing against misinformation, often from large, out-of-state companies, is one of the biggest challenges we’re currently tackling in the solar industry.”

Christian: “Market instability caused by changing incentive structures, material shortages, permit department variations, and competition are some of our biggest challenges today.”

What is one major thing you want to share about solar energy to educate people on this investment? 

Cynthia: “Don’t be intimidated. Whether solar meets your goals or not, our team has the experience to educate you on all aspects of the technology and investment in simple, straightforward terms.”

Jeff: “No other investment in your home or business benefits you financially and works to improve our environment like solar energy.”

Christian: “When done right it is a fantastic investment. Choose your installer wisely.”

If you have more questions about our business or solar panel systems, please give us a call at 877-432-0857 and we are happy to assist you. Be sure to also check out our YouTube channel as it has plenty of helpful videos on RED Group as well as solar energy.