What is the NC Solar Rebate Program?

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Solar energy is increasingly rising in popularity for its many benefits such as increasing your home’s or your business’s value, providing clean energy, and decreasing your power bill. On top of all these amazing benefits there are also tax incentives and even rebates available. Did you know Duke Energy has an NC Solar Rebate Program

At Renewable Energy Design Group (RED Group) we want to help every customer understand what options are available to them when installing a solar panel system. That is why our latest blog discusses all the details on Duke’s NC Solar Rebate Program.

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What is the NC Solar Rebate Program?

The goal of this program is to help make solar more affordable for home and business owners. It is a one-time rebate offered by Duke Energy for those that install a solar panel system on their home or business. There are specific eligibility requirements and steps required to be a part of the program. 

Who is Eligible for the NC Solar Rebate Program?

First off, this is a very competitive lottery system managed by Duke Energy. As a starting point for eligibility, you must “be a Duke Energy customer located in North Carolina and own or have rights to the property where the solar arrays will be installed and used. You must be the account holder and be on a concurrent electric retail rate with Duke Energy.” Click here to see full eligibility requirements. 

How Much Will the Rebate Give Me Back?

The amount of your rebate varies depending on what type of customer you are (residential, commercial, or nonprofit) and the size of your system. There are also maximum caps to every rebate, which are as follows: 

  • Residential customers are eligible for 40¢ per watt up to a rebate maximum of $4,000.
  • Commercial customers are eligible for 30¢ per watt up to a rebate maximum of $30,000. 
  • Nonprofit customers are eligible for 75¢ per watt up to a rebate maximum of $75,000. Residential rebate capacity of 10 kilowatts. 

There is a rebate calculator on this page where you can input your information for a rebate estimate. 

When Does the NC Solar Rebate Program Run?

The next application period is set to run from July 7 – 14, 2022. During the enrollment week, the application process opens at 9 a.m. each day. While you can apply at any time during that period, it is best to apply earlier in the application window. This provides time to resolve any issues that may arise with your application. 

How Does the NC Solar Rebate Program Work?

There are four major steps to the Duke NC Solar Rebate program:

  1. Interconnection Request

First, an interconnection request must be submitted. This is the process for obtaining permission to connect your solar energy generating system to the electrical grid. This process does contain several steps, and at RED Group we manage this for you.

  1. Rebate Application

Complete the application online. It is a relatively straightforward process, and each page guides you through. Note that you will need your  project’s inverter size on hand. After accepting terms and conditions, you’ll go to a Duke NC Rebate Application Confirmation Page. Be sure to print this page for your records. 

Any ineligible applicants will be notified within a week. All eligible applicants will receive an email within two weeks informing them of capacity reservation or wait list status. Click here to learn more about the wait list status. 

  1. Solar Panel Installation

Your solar panel system’s meter must be installed either:

  • within 90 days before the application period date or
  • before the end of the year after rebate approval from Duke. 

The Duke rebate lottery system is not a guaranteed rebate. Contact RED Group to ensure your installation is scheduled within the eligibility timeframe requirements.

  1. Receive Your Rebate

If approved, once your completed project is generating power, you will receive a rebate check at the address which you specified in your rebate application within four to five weeks. 

Ready to Go Solar and Take Advantage of the NC Solar Rebate Program?

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