What makes an ideal site for a solar energy system?

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To decide if a solar energy system will work at your homesite, the first question should always be whether your building is energy efficient. Next, consider:

  • Is there good southern exposure? Orienting solar panels to the south maximizes the effectiveness of energy collection. There is minimal production loss for southeast and southwest exposures.
  • Is the exposure free of trees or buildings that could shade the panels or drop debris on them? Shading photovoltaic panels dramatically reduces their effectiveness, but most of the US has exposure to sufficient solar energy resources.
  • What is the pitch of your roof? Most roofs, from flat to 60-degrees can accommodate photovoltaic panels.
  • If a roof-mounted system proves impractical, a ground-mount, trellis or pergola application may be an option. RED Group can help you determine the right type of system installation for your site—visit our gallery for examples of the different options.