What’s it like to work with Renewable Energy Design Group?

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What It’s Like to Work with Us

The Process:

  1. After hearing from you–the homeowner–about your goals, we create a free solar energy analysis and proposal tailored to your home. Based on your past 12 months of energy usage and satellite imagery software, we provide a financial-based preliminary proposal that provides great detail of cost and benefits of the system. We help you understand which, if any, solar power options work best given your home’s orientation, shading, energy consumption, and water heating system.
  2. Once you decide to move forward, our next step is to examine the residence in person to evaluate the condition of the roof, shading considerations, and electrical connection points.
  3. We provide the highest standards of project management from concept to completion, taking pride in each project and installing systems that produce lasting results tailored to clients’ needs. We handle all coordination with your utility companies for interconnection procedures, permits, and inspections with local authority having jurisdiction. In short, we make the transition to solar power seamless.
  4. Many interested homeowners are surprised to find out that our solar energy systems are maintenance-free and equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring system at no additional charge. Monitoring allows us to make sure your system is performing optimally and alerts the homeowner and our company upon any issues.