Solar Installation Company: Why a Company’s Longevity Matters

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Whether you have just begun thinking about installing solar panels or are well into your research, there is one important factor to figure in when choosing a solar installation company. What is that factor? The company’s longevity. There are so many reasons why it’s important to know a solar energy company has been around a while before utilizing their services. Our latest blog at Renewable Energy Design Group discusses not only the importance of a company’s longevity, but also how we have stood the test of time these last ten years.   

Stability & Dependability 

Above all else, a company’s longevity proves their continued commitment to their industry. It shows they are stable enough to make it within the solar industry long-term. That’s something clients and potential clients can use as a foundation to build trust. 

This is true for any industry or business, and especially vital within the solar installation industry. Solar energy is a complicated process and customers have many questions from the beginning of a project to the completion of that project. A company that has proven itself to be stable and dependable will be around to keep answering all your questions. 

Furthermore, numerous solar installation companies have entered our state and local markets, and quickly disappeared. This is one unfortunate reason why the industry sometimes gets a bad reputation. Fly-by-night companies cannot honor their warranties and guarantees – much less continue to serve their clients. RED Group remains hard at work to counteract that trend! 

Upgrades & Follow-Up

Like many property investments, solar panel systems may require upgrades or updates. When you want to schedule a maintenance or upgrade assessment, it is important that your solar experts remain available. Therefore, yet another reason you want to select an established company is so you can quickly and easily consult with them as your needs evolve. 

A few potential upgrades or updates could include: 

  • Updating with more solar panels
  • Adding batteries to an existing system
  • Upgrading wiring to codes that changed
  • Adding features like Critter Guard to protect your system against squirrels, rodents, and other critters

Plus, another important issue that might come up after a project is completed is addressing warranty and workmanship issues. You want to select a solar energy company that you know will be there for you if those issues arise. 

RED Group Turns 10!

We are excited to announce RED Group is celebrating our 10-year anniversary this year! We’ve learned a lot this past decade and are proud of our solar installations during that time. Be sure to check out our 10th Anniversary Q&A blog with the owners. We share details on what it’s been like owning RED Group these last 10 years and what it’s like to work in the solar energy industry. 

When You Choose RED Group, You Choose A Company with Experience!

At RED Group we are there for you from start to finish for your solar installation project. You never need to worry about us answering your calls or emails. Our decade of experience and excellent client reviews prove that! 

If you are ready to invest in solar energy today, call us at 877-432-0857 to request a solar energy quote specific to your property and needs. 

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