What to Know Before Investing in Solar Energy

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Solar panels are a smart investment for the future and to save money on your monthly power bills now. As with any investment, there are things you should know to inform your decision. For instance, aspects of your home or business impact your solar energy output. Renewable Energy Design Group is known as a leader and expert in the solar energy business. We love helping customers discover what a solid investment solar energy is for their home or business. Plus, we know it is important to first educate potential customers, so we always help each person discover what they need to know before investing in solar panels. Our latest blog covers some of those vital elements. 

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Your Roof Matters

One of the biggest factors to consider for installing solar panels is your roof. This is, of course, assuming your solar panels will be affixed to your roof, which is most typical. A few items we ask potential clients about and what we investigate before providing a quote include:

  • Roof condition
  • Direction roof is facing
  • Shape and size of roof
  • Trees or other structures shading roof
  • Pitch of roof

Each of these elements are part of determining whether your house or business are an ideal site for a solar energy system and the expected output of your solar array. 

If your roof-mounted system turns out to not be a feasible option, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to scratch the notion of installing solar panels. At RED Group, we have other options, such as, a ground-mount, trellis, or pergola applications. We will work with you to help you determine the right type of system installation for your site.

Homeowners Association Regulations

For our residential clients, we ask whether they are part of a homeowner’s association (HOA) as they sometimes have rules about installing solar panels on roofs or grounds. In South Carolina, HOAs may restrict solar. In North Carolina, HOAs may restrict solar visible from public right-of-ways. If you are part of an HOA, we ask you to check the rules.

Meeting Local Building Codes

Local building codes are another factor to consider before a solar panel installation. However, as part of our comprehensive service, we obtain all building and electrical permits and design your system to meet local codes. We arrange the electrical, building, and utility inspections and are on-site to ensure that everything is up to code. RED Group prides itself on taking care of your project every step of the way. We get engineers stamps and approved inspection on every project we install.

Choose a Solar Energy Company That Cares About Your Property as if it Were Their Own!

Are you ready to invest in clean, smart energy for your home or business? We are ready to help you make this important switch and have no doubts it is a decision you will never regret! To get started, call us at 877-432-0857 so we can discuss your energy needs and start putting together a free quote for your home or business. 

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